Denmark Island

Amazing Denmark North Sea Artificial Energy Island

Denmark wants to build an energy island to provide electricity to more than three million families. A plan was approved to build an artificial island on a very large area as a part of its effort to switch to green energy.

The area of this unique type of island is equal to the area of eighteen football grounds. The Island consists of two hundred giant wind turbines, which generate electric energy which is enough for the nation’s energy needs.

sky view of Denmark Energy Island

It’s the largest construction project in the history of Denmark and the estimated cost of this plan is thirty-four billion dollars. The Island has constructed in the sea eighty kilometers away from the coast. The state has 50% ownership of this island while 50% ownership rights are acquired by private companies.

According to experts, Excess amount of electric energy will sale to other neighboring countries, meanwhile countries name does not reveal but most probably the UK, Holland, and Germany are those countries which will get benefit from this Island.

Denmark set a vision to reduce carbon emission by 70% in 2030 and completely abandon the carbon emission in 2050. Last December Denmark also shut down all their activities of exploration of crude oil in the North Atlantic Ocean.

It is remembered that Demark is on the top of the list to install Wind turbines in the countryside but now Denmark makes its place in those countries which used offshore for this purpose.

Denmark Energy Island showing global wind instalation graph

European Union made this announcement that to use offshore wind capacity to fulfill the electricity requirement, and make it possible to obtain the dependence on offshore wind energy from 5% to 25% in 2030 and 2050 respectively.

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