Airline grounds planes

United Airlines ground dozens of Boeing 777 Planes officially

American company “United Airlines” gave an official statement that the company has grounded all twenty-four Boeing 777 airplanes due to right engine failure incident that happen during flight 328, carrying 231 passengers, was forced to make an emergency landing at Denver airport on February 20. No-one was injured.

United Airlines Flight 328, bound for Honolulu, reported right engine failure shortly after leaving Denver International Airport at 12:49 p.m. The engine caught fire and began to disintegrate as passengers recorded and photographed the failing engine in flight.

Boeing acknowledges the suggestion of Japan to temporarily ground all their Boeing 777 that has the same engine till the completion of investigations about the engine failure, keep in mind that these planes have an engine which is known as Pratt & Whitney 4000.

Boeing shares statistics that all over the world there are sixty-nine Boeing airplanes with the same engine specifications. According to American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United Airlines is the only American company that has Boeing 777 in their fleet, while other companies belong to Japan and South Korea.  

According to Passengers of this flight, after takeoff from Denver International Airport, the plane started shaking violently, and we lost altitude and we started going down, said David Delucia, who was sitting directly across the aisle from the side with the failed engine. When it initially happened, I thought we were done. I thought we were going down.

Broomfield town police share pictures of parts of the engine which are fall from the engine, Parts of the Boeing 777 can be seen lying in the garden of the house, and also some parts are fell in the Football ground. However, there are no injuries of the person were reported.

 After two big crashes of Boeing 737 Max in which 346 peoples have died, now Boeing faces another challenge about the reliability of their wide-body Boeing 777.

There is no doubt that the Boeing 777 is considered one of the safest aircraft in the world, but Boeing used two types of engines to manufacturing 777; Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce.  

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