Useful websites for Graphic Designers

7 Useful Websites that a graphic designer must know

Graphic designing is one of the essential skills that is flourishing nowadays worldwide. Every organization or company needs a group of graphic designers to present their products in a good and significant way to enhance their marketing. As the world is growing digitally and the importance of e-marketing and e-commerce is growing day by day, graphic designers are the most critical assets of any organization to present them in a competitive market. As the skill of graphic designing is growing day by day, hence people all around the world are trying to learn that skill of graphic designing to earn from the market trends. Therefore every graphic designer needs to get the resources to use in his projects. This article will provide you some websites that will be useful for every graphic designer for their help.


Unsplash is one of the great websites for high-resolution pictures which one can use in his projects, and these pictures are completely free of cost. These are the very high-resolution pictures that give a perfect look to your work. The link for this website is provided below.


Canva is also one of the excellent websites for a graphic designer. This website is a designing and editing platform on which many free templates are available, and you can customize them for your projects. This website also has a collection of icon logos to add to your existing project to make it good-looking. The link for the website is given below.

Package mockup:

package mockup is an excellent platform from which you can find a perfect product mockup and use them for their projects. This website is free of cost for all of its resources that it provides. The link for this website is given below.


Pixeden is a platform from where you can find vectors, icons, illustration, mockups, and many more. The graphic designer can get the ideas for their project and can utilize them in his projects.

The link for the website is given below.


Freepik is also a perfect platform for a graphic designers to get many free and premium resources for their projects. From this website, one can get vectors, icons, PSD, and many more. The link for this website is given below.


As fonts are significant for the graphic designer that gives a perfect look to your projects. Fontsquirrel is an excellent website for graphic designers to get fonts for their projects. The link for this website is provided below.


choosing the right color is also an excellent skill for a graphic designer. Colors are an essential element to show your work a fantastic looking. Colors co is an ideal platform for selecting a good color scheme. The link for this website is given below.

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