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24 New World Changing Tech Inventions of 2021

We are going to discuss 24 of the most amazing gadgets and tech inventions of 2021. You will definitely enjoy reading these and remember you can now get all these in your hand with some clicks.

In this article, we will be discussing something like a holographic personal trainer or automatic chessboard, or a magical bottle of water from which when you drink something it can change its taste.

We will be going in descending order from the least amazing to the hottest one in the end.

24. Hushme


Hushme is 24 on amazing tech inventions in 2021 of our list basically, Hushme is a mask but instead of muffling your speech, it allows you to talk to people with 100 percent clarity so they can hear what you’re saying.

Because there’s a microphone directly in the mouthpiece you can hear what they’re saying because there are actually noise-canceling earphones attached to the body and no one else can hear what either of you is saying thanks in part due to speech muffling material around the mouthpiece.

23. Glowing faucet

Its a small gadget & LED that you can add inside your tap in your kitchen or washroom, it is going to glow and is powered by the flow of water. Not only a glowing light but it is also going to give you temperature indication with the help of color. It is going to glow blue till yellow and red indicating the temperature of water flowing through it. Something that looks cool as well as useful.

When the water’s warm like a birth temperature the light is orange and then when the water’s so hot that you shouldn’t be touching it


Blync Sensor

For peoples who love cycling it is pretty cool VR set. It is basically a specialized VR set that you can wear, and feel like you are cycling because it gets sync with your cycle and when you start moving, you feel like you are in the environment.

It turns your existing normal bike onto the blink base and it basically turns it into a static exercise bike with a twist you pick a location using the app you strap on a vr headset and you are cycling in that location blink keeps track of your speed and direction and because you’re wearing a vr headset as well you can look anywhere in whatever location.

21. Modular Dumbbell

This is basically a modular and customizable weight and dumbbell that you can use to exercise but with custom weight. So you don’t have to keep different weight and sizes in your house or gym. If you prefer your home gym to the real thing (but don’t have the space or desire for a full-fledged squat rack), a set of adjustable dumbbells can help you reach your fitness objectives in almost any size home.

You can simply get one or two of these as pair & customize them up to all the way from 2 KG to 30KG.

20. Lazy reader glasses

For lazy reader, these contain mirrored lenses at just the right angle such that you can completely lie down remove all strain from your neck but still read the books you want to read and watch the tv shows you want to watch in front of you.


It is an electric mini scooter, in prototype model yet, that you can fold and take into your bag. You can also have air pump with you that you can use to fill it with air again and start riding.

It is named as POIMO, like portable and inflatable mobility. You can take this electric bike into your bag. Although it is quite weak yet and need a lot of improvement it can be a cute solution to people need to commute for short distances for there work to home etc.

18. Self-sealing BIN

A company called TownNew designed a bin that can automatically replace trash bag or black plastic in it, and give you previous one after sealing it thermally outside ready to be taken out. So you don’t have to smell your trash again. A cool bin.

Also, this bin can detect when your hands are near it and open automatically use thermoplastic sealing technology or heat to seal up the black bag inside of it before you have to open the bin and experience its horrors yourself but not just that once it detects that you’ve taken out your used sealed black bag it realizes that it needs a new one it can dispense one and inflate it so that it’s literally ready to go again straight away.

17. Ecolift


Now after that previous bin that can be sealed, there is another one that you can’t even see, actually you can see the bin, but not trash inside it. Because it process the trash under a large bag below it (underground) and you can’t see anything whenever you open the bin to throw the trash.

These aren’t actually bins they’re just passages to disposal units underground it keeps the area on top looking clean it keeps out flies and rats and all the lovely aromas that usually come with garbage and it also means that instead of the risk of overfilling and the inevitability of having to empty these bins once per hour you can just empty them once per week by using a lift that brings the actual bins out from under the ground.

16. Home Biogas


When you buy one of these tents or something like a bag you’re effectively just buying a massive trash bag that sits in your garden and you pour your organic waste into it.

So that could be egg shells it could be meat it could be vegetables and the bacteria within that tent will break down this organic matter and release cooking gas has a byproduct which you can then use to power your stove and cook new food

I realized that large tents filled with rotting carrots is probably not quite what you had in mind when you think of cool inventions for the future.

15. OrCAM myeye 2

It is amazing vision replacement for partially blind or even blind people. You keep this gadget onto your glasses, and with the help of image and video detection it can automatically give you audio about what is in front of you. It will guide you ways, read anything or narrate objects around you. You can read newspaper headlines, or any sign board etc even if you cant see.. Cool stuff !!

But keep reading, we have a lot more remaining.

 14. Mouthpiece toothbrush

Mouthpiece Toothbrushes: Think Twice Before You Buy

This one is interesting, this is small toothbrush that when you put in your mouth, it automatically vibrates and cleans your teeth properly and really fast within 10 seconds.

because it has a set of bristles for literally every tooth in your mouth it can clean your entire mouth in 10 seconds wow not to mention that these things can auto eject toothpaste for you and the newer models have a UV light built in that can sterilize the mouthpiece between uses i don’t think the execution of these is quite up to scratch yet but i am well on board with the concept.

13. HelloX2

This one is really useful, it is basically a simple electronic equipment that fires IR lights. When you attach this piece or gadget with your screen, it turns any screen into touch screen. Its pretty famous these days but yes it deserves to be in this list. It detects where you touched on your screen via IR lights and then with usb it send signal to your PC where to act or click. So with that method it actually turns any screen into touch screen. Note that it only work with desktop & notebook monitors from 10 to 27 inches.

12. Woojer Vest

Woojer vest is a vest. Yes a Vest but it contain sensors and transducers actuators that makes you feel  like you are listening music in some concert.

It’s covered in six haptic transducers that allow you to feel impact from 360 degrees

They’re saying that it’ll convert listening to your spotify playlist into feeling like you’re right in front of the stage at the tomorrow land festival or playing a simple game of call of duty into actually feeling like you’re walking into a war zone it probably would raise the stakes of getting hit by someone.

11. Phantom Chess Board

Phantom is an autonomous chessboard that moves its pieces with the help of complex magnetic actuators inside it.

It work on a move that someone makes online can precisely and silently move their pieces on your board to reflect that and likewise any move that i make will show up on the other person’s end whether they’re using an app whether they’re using a computer or another one of these phantom boards you don’t even need to touch it.

It also gas inbuilt microphones mean that you can just say my move for example bishop to g4 and off it’ll go!!

Alright, but on another coolest thing though is that as well as being at all phantom is also just a showpiece it has a mode such that you can leave it completely alone and it will automatically cycle through over a hundred of the most famous chess games of all time.

10. ClicBOT

Clickbot is one of the most versatile intelligently designed robots ever seen

It starts with the brain which contains the robot’s senses its ability to see to hear to think to react but then you can attach all the remaining pieces in any orientation you want you can make a snake that can actually slither along the ground you can turn it into a bike that actually drives on its own accord you can make whatever this thing is that climbs up walls

The brain is intelligent enough that it doesn’t matter which one of the 10 000 plus permutations you put it in it can also be a tool a robotic arm that can serve you snacks yup a pet that follows you wherever you go.

The most interesting part is that Clicbot is designed for education of kids. You can program it using drag and drop based coding that a kid can learn, and it will perform actions according to those commands.

9. Ghost pacer

Ghost pacer is a pair of augmented reality glasses that can effectively project an opponent in front of you

The idea being that you can customize this opponent let’s say that there was a certain time that you wanted to be able to run five miles in you can set this ghost to run at such a speed that as long as you stay ahead of it you will run five miles in the time that you want to you can make it

So that the ghost will match the speed of your own last run to mean you’re constantly improving against yourself or you can match it to the speed of one of your friends.

8. Rocket Skates

These are pair of simple rollerblades but when you press them downward, you can move forward using its wheels and motors with 4x speed. They are available around since 2014 but these rocket skates looks much cooler and effective.

7. Reevo Bikes

Reevo - The Hubless E-Bike on Twitter: "xcited for the launch Full specs  and instructions will be announced soon. sign up  here:https://t.co/f1byiLTgjE https://t.co/NYdZOZlRbK #reevobikes #reevo  #benotechnologies #ebikelicious #ebikes… https://t.co ...

As per image, it looks really cool and futuristic, but actually it is. This Ebike contains a whole lot of features that you can imagine.

This bike is not just pretty but it’s an electric bike so it can detect the slope and the terrain you’re on and adjust the amount of power it feeds you accordingly such that for you the driver it feels exactly the same

The wheels can be locked and unlocked to play a fingerprint

The lights turn on automatically when it gets dark you can use gps to know where this bike is at any point in time

There are no chains there are no spokes you can put your hands through the wheels and if you actually wanted to use that space you can also strap a bag inside of it to just carry extra stuff.

6. Air up bottle

Air up bottle is amazing piece of tech that could use scented rings to trick your brain into thinking you’re drinking whatever you want to be when all you’re actually having is water.

Imagine if everyone in the world swapped their soda consumption for something like this. You could cut world obesity rates in half.

5. Water Repellents

There’s a company called neverwet who’s created a spray that once applied to clothing shoes or carpets can make it not just splash proof but super hydrophobic.

That means that any liquid that comes in contact with it will be actively pushed away. You could completely immerse yourself in a swimming pool and at the same time when you get out, it’ll look like you’ve never been.

4. Glowing Plants

As the name suggests, these are plants that glow but are artificially made using enzymes that make fireflies glow. These plants can be used to give dim lights without using any source of electricity or gas or petrol.

It is actually a light source that can reproduce; it takes CO2 in and gives O2. So no need to define how amazing that could be if it becomes a trend.

3. Matternet drones

There is a company called Matternet that’s building an automatic drone network that specializes in delivering blood samples and medicines.

It is a common concept, but the whole thing is powered by a behind-the-scenes cloud software solution, and through this,, the drones will know what supplies need to be delivered to what locations, and for the most part, they can get there on their own they can dispatch themselves, they can navigate, they can travel up to 20 kilometers away, and they can recharge themselves 24 hours a day seven days a week. Drones don’t need to take bank holidays.

2. Quartz third thumb

Scientists have figured out how to create a working extra thumb that’s all they were trying to say it’s controlled using wireless sensors attached to your big toe which sounds really alien

But from the studies they’ve done, they found that after a period of time, it starts to feel like a natural extension of your body.

All of a sudden people can do things that usually require two hands with one hand

Factory workers could become 50 more productive. Surgeons could start operating without needing to have a second assistant to help them

& even more importantly you could hold and stir a cup of tea without lifting a second hand.

Artificial people

There is a website that’s literally called thispersondoesnotexist.com and every time you refresh that page it is using two neural networks to fight against each other and learn from each other to develop a face shocking hauntingly realistic face that doesn’t actually belong to anybody.

Samsung has already started running with this technology they’ve created a platform called neon AI which is basically digital humans with human mannerisms and human sentences.

As the world starts to move more and more online it’s gonna start to matter less who is real and who isn’t.

We already have digital influencers like Lil Michaela who already have their own clothing lines and their own merchandise.

You will be able to hire an accountant concierge a television presenter who looks and sounds like a real person but isn’t.

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