As we all know that android is one of the most useful operating systems all around the world. Due to its so much popularity, hackers are always in search of your confidential and private data. Due to the increase in the use of technology and more dependent on tech devices, data protection is one of the most important concerns for everyone using these devices. As the common people are not well aware of the critical setting in the different operating system even the expert people so their data is at risk and the hackers can play with their private data and can use it for their undesirable needs. so it very important for all of us to protect our android devices so that we can protect our data as much as we can. There are few basics tips that we can use to protect our data on android devices. Hope this article will help you to protect your private data at the maximum.

1. Strong password.

The first and foremost thing that one can do to protect its device is to use a strong screen password and prevent the access of any person to his device. don’t ever use your name, nickname, school name, best friend name, your pet name as your screen password but always use the combination of alphanumeric keys in your password which is impossible for anyone to guess.

The steps for setting a password in an android is given below:

Settings > Security > Screen lock.

2. App permission.

It is also one of the most useful and easy way for hacker to get into your device through different apps. When we install some apps they ask you a permission of different things such as phone number, gallery, documents and others . don’t ever give permission to the apps which are downloaded from unknown sources to prevent your data from the possible attack of hackers.

To check which app is has access to different feature follow the given steps:

Settings > Apps > [app name].

3. Security of particular apps.

It is also important to protect the particular apps they can contain some more private and confidential data. It is one step further or we can say that it is the second layer that we put by giving an extra cover to our data. It is useful when someone managed your main screen password and gets into your phone then this feature can protect your data that is at risk.

This feature is also available in some devices or if it is not that you can use the free apps. There are many free apps that on play store you can use.

4. Location

Never ever try to share your location with any app or a google app as many app can use your location to harm you by any mean

To check the location permission follow the following steps.

Settings > Apps > ⚙ icon > App permissions > Location.

5. Private notifications.

It is also one of the most important step to hide your app notification of all kind from your lock screen. By enabling this feature you can protect your private messages showing on the lock screen .

To enable this feature simply follow these basic steps:

Settings > Sound & notifications.

These are the some basics tips that you can use to protect your data from hackers or nay other suspicious activities.

Hope this article will be helpful to you

Written by:

Talha Khursheed from Karachi, Pakistan

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