Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster could become the fastest car ever thanks to a SpaceX kit

Tesla Roadster: Tesla, one of the world’s biggest electric car makers is currently leading the manufacturing of electric cars around the world. As the concept of the electric car is getting much more attention all around the world, the automobile industries are in competition with one another in the manufacturing of electric cars. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is highly interested in an electric car and is unveiling new concepts and great technologies in the electric car. Tesla’s cars are getting more and more attention in the United States, Europe, and other developed countries around the world. Tesla’s cars have very much advanced technologies of electric cars. As the technology of the electric car is flourishing there are a lot of users concerned regarding the electric car over the internal combustion car. Among them, the driving range, fuel consumption, charging time, and charging stations are the major concern of consumers for electric cars around the world. Hence the automobile industries are concerned and are working on these basic problems to get them solved.

Tesla Roadster red colour  car

Tesla recently unveiled its new car “ROADSTER” which has very advanced technologies of the electric car. It has improved performance in comparison with the other electric cars. According to the tesla, its acceleration will be 0-60mph in only 1.9 seconds, which is a very good performance regarding the speed of the car. Also according to them, its acceleration in 4.2 seconds will be 0-100mph. also, its top speed that it can achieve is about 250mph+.

The driving range that a 200KWh battery can provide is about 620 miles. But this range will only be achieved in certain conditions of lightweight flat road conditions. There will be certain laps in the range when there will be a heavyweight and the road will be bumpy.

It has a glass panel roof that is also a removable one. Also, it is a 4 seater but the rear two seats are smaller and it can’t accommodate an adult person on that two rear seats. As for now, this is only a concept so these features can be changed during the manufacturing.

Tesla Roadster interior design

It is an all-4-wheel drive, and the torque of the wheels that the Tesla cars have is about 10,000 NM. The base price that has been unveiled now from tesla is about 200,000$ base price.

This tesla car will bring a great uprise in the electric car technology that will be and is the future of the automobile industry.

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