ECLIPSE – Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, and Super Moon

The word eclipse is not new for anyone. It is an astronomical term that is used for the astronomical event that takes place when one heavenly body comes across in the shadow of other heavenly bodies. The eclipse can be completely hidden or obscure and it can be partially hidden. The three celestial bodies that are present in our universe i.e earth, moon, and the sun. and in the astronomical term, the alignment of these celestial bodies is known as SYZYGY.

The term eclipse is often used when one of the three heavenly bodies comes in between the others and causes the blockage of light to easily pass from it. The eclipse can occur when another heavenly body other than the earth, moon, and the sun comes in between these bodies. The two most common eclipses that often occur are the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse


As the moon gets its light from the sun ad passes it to the earth, but when during the orbital revolution the earth comes in between the sun and the moon and moon could not get it’s light from the sun, instead of that the earth shadow falls on the surface of the moon and in the result of that we can’t see the proper shinning of the moon. This phenomenon is known as the lunar eclipse in the astronomical term. Sometimes a partial lunar eclipse occurs in which the shadow of the earth falls partially on the moon, but sometimes a complete lunar eclipse can also occur in which the earth comes completely between the sun and the moon and complete shadow of earth falls on the moon. The lunar eclipse generally can last up to two hours, and in a year two partial lunar eclipses can occur but the complete lunar eclipse is rare.

Solar eclipse:

As the sun directly passes its light to the earth but during the orbital rotation the moon comes in between the sun and earth and as result, the light from the sun cannot be properly reached to the earth. This phenomenon is known as the solar eclipse. Sometimes the solar eclipse occurs partially and sometimes there is a complete solar eclipse and the sun comes completely behind the moon and during the daytime, there appears to be a complete dark. Also sometimes the moon goes very farther from the earth and it comes in front of the sun and there appears to be a dark ring in between the sun from the sun.


The supermoon is also one of the most widely used terms in astronomy. The general definition or the understanding about the supermoon is that “ a supermoon is a full moon that occurs at the same time as the perigee” the perigee is the time when the moon is very closest to the earth. The general limitation to the closeness is that it should be 90% close to the earth and the distance that is used to measure the closeness of the moon is 224,000 miles from the center of the earth to make it a supermoon. In this year according to the astronauts, two further supermoons that are being expected are the full moon of May 26 and June 24, 2021.

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