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The world has been celebrating Perseverance`s safe landing on the surface of red planet after “seven minutes of terror” as termed by NASA team. It is beginning of an era because the Perseverance has taken Ingenuity, the very first helicopter to fly in another planet, with it.

After landing on the surface of Red Planet, both the machines (Perseverance as well as Ingenuity) has sent downlink to home. The very first image taken by perseverance from the surface of mars after its successful landing as captured by one of its Hazard cam (Hazcam).

First Image taken by NASA`s Perseverance rover after landing at Mars.

The picture is in grayscale and shows a view of red planet with Martian rocks in the surrounding. The shadow of the hardware (may be antenna or some other parts) of the rover can also be observed in the image as shown above.

He very next image taken by Perseverance is a color image (as shared by NASA). The image seems to be of exactly same location where perseverance landed and took its first image in grayscale. The image in color format could be taken from another camera as it shows the big wheel of Perseverance rove at the bottom left of the image

Color Image taken by NASA`s Perseverance rover after landing on the surface of mars


The perspective of the image is same as of the other taken by Hazcam earlier. Beside all the facts, the observation of our team here at shows there are some major differences found in 2 images. The differences are as following:


The difference between images taken by Perseverance can be seen in the combined image shown by team It is observed from the two images (gray scale and color) that the rocks as shown in the green ovals are same in both images. Contrary to fact. The rock which is visible in the red rectangular box of the color image (left) was not present there when Perseverance took its first grayscale image.

In the left (color image), A rock in the red circle can be seen which was not present in the first (grayscale) image taken by Perseverance. Even though the rocks in green ovals are present.


It can also be observed from the two images that shadow of the mars rover`s hardware is very different in both images. It is really strange to find the images captured from same perspective with almost same view at the front, having two different kinds of shadows of a same and very single hardware/machine. The shadow of the left (color image) shows an (almost) upside down “U” here as the shadow of the grayscale(right) image shows a “U” shaped shadow. This is very obvious to mention that the top left corner of the image has similar graphics as highlighted in pink frame. The view of rocks and their direction shows that images are taken from a similar lens and from the same Point of View.

The Images taken by Perseverance after landing at mars show two different shadows of the same rover.

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By: Asad Ali Bozdar

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