PET blowing machine

What is a PET Blow Molding Machine?

What is a PET Blow Molding Machine?

Pet Blow molding machines are the second step in the bottle-making process. They load fully cooled preforms onto spinning mandrels, heat them to blowing temperature in an oven section, equalize them for a short time, and then stretch and blow them into bottles.

Shares, Size, and Growth

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Pet Blow molding machines  shape and bottles

Technical Details

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) manufactures labelers as well as filling devices and blow-molding devices. PET Blow Moulding Machine & PET Bottle Blowing Machine, equipment’s are one high precision and speedy to produce, bottles used for Water, Carbonated drinks, and so on. with low cost, high performance, simple service, easy maintenance, and so on, with the automated technical procedure.

Blow Molding Machine with Two Stages

Initially, performers were created by constantly extruding a PET tunnel. To produce these inserts, a perform manufacturing machine warmed and closed one end of a periodically extruded PET tube, then heated and closed the other end before blow moulding a thread finish.

PET processing is done in two stages:

  • Injection molding is used to create the product.
  • Stretch Blow Molding is used to blow bottles.

It is generally adopted in the plastic packaging industry because it is more compact than one-step manufacturing. If you just choose to do one of them, you can opt to make preforms or blast bottles.

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