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How To Find Out Manufacturing Date Of A Tyre? Gotechies

Ever wondered what are these numbers on the top surface of your tyre? These are actually numbers to indicate your tyre date of manufacturing.

Still in 2023 few people know that tyres are wear and tear parts in a car that should be used for only a certain period of time after being manufactured. After a certain time, there is a huge risk in using those tyres.

“Tires should not be used more than 6 years after they were manufactured”

Yes because like It is critical to check the tyre pressure on a weekly basis, as well as perform periodic alignment balancing and tyre rotation it is also a fact that Chemical compounds are layered in tyres. Infrequent usage or bad storage conditions of 6 months or more can hasten the ageing process of tyres, causing them to become unusable before their shelf life expires after the date of manufacturing. For peace of mind, it’s usually a good idea to check and own Car Tyres that are less than 3 months old.

Now as we know that Why is it Important to Purchase Newly Manufactured Tyres lets have a look at how to check the date of manufacturing of the tyre using numbers available on each and every tyre according to international standards.

How to Decode the Production Date of a Tire

The manufacturing date of the tyres is fairly easy to find. Before you buy, look for the four-digit number on the sidewall’s surface.

Here is another amazing and detailed thread regarding the same method

tyre date indicating

Now let’s suppose the number is something like 0807.

There are two major parts of this number, first two digits and last two digits

First, two digits are basically number of specific when the tyre was the manufacture

The last two digits indicate the year.

So that means 0807 can be broken down into

08 – > 8th week

07 -> 2007 (if it is greater than 50 that means something in the 1900s)

That means this tyre is manufactured in 8th week of 2007 and can be used till 2014 (approx)

Now similarly let`s have few more examples:

0212 -> Second week of 2021

0415 -> Fourth week of 2015

1111 -> Eleventh week of 2011

2619 -> 26th week of 2019

Whether it’s a 4 digit numeric number from an international brand like Michelin, Firestone, or Ceat, or an Indian brand like Apollo Tyres or MRF, the decoding technique is the same.

Even if the car is rarely driven and the tyres appear to have good traction but have beyond their shelf life of 5 years, it is essential to have a professional inspect the tires and in no way should one continue with 7-year-old tires (from the manufacturing date)

Hope this complete post helps you easily decode your tyre code easily to find its date of production.

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