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Everything you need to know about Marie Maersk Cargo Ship

What is Marie Maersk?

Maersk Line Operated Marie Maersk is one of the largest Triple E class container ships & biggest moving objects in the world as of 2021.  The total length of this ship is approx. 400m or 1300 ft with a total capacity of over 18000 containers at once. The ship was built in Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) in South Korea and have an IMO number of 9619933.

How big is Marie Maersk?

This ship is big.. really big !!

This ship can weigh over 250,000 tons. But only 63,000 of them are actual ships. There are containers above and inside the ship.

The marie Maersk carries shipping containers with 23 across its width while 24 across its length and 21 in height. Its under the ship deck halls creates strange and mysterious sound according to ship crew as they are soo big and gigantic.

What is the route and task of Marie Maersk?

Everything we buy these days gets transported via cargo ships like these. This gigantic container ship travels around 45000 km between asia and Europe, a task that it is designed to do for next 25 years.

But you might be wondering how these massive container ships are pushed across the water. Well this is one of the first super container ship to use side by side engine with two giant propellers that costs 1 million dollars each.

Engine of Marie Maersk

According to ship technology . com

A wartisila sulzer cylinder engine powered by diesel and the largest single diesel unit across the world is used in marie maresk. This 100 foot long engine delivers approx. 110,000 horsepowers and 102 rotation power minute with around 5.6 million lb/ft force or torque.

Is Marie Maersk environment friendly?

The ship boasts a number of environmentally beneficial features, including the ability to recycle engine exhaust. The recycled exhaust is blended with fresh air before being reintroduced into the engine. This feature boosts the ship’s efficiency by 12% while lowering emissions.

Ship technical specifications:

•             Top speed: 45 km/h

•             Capacity: 18,300 TEU.

•             Length: 400 metres.

•             Optimum speed: 35 km/h or 18.5 knots

•             Draft: 14.5 metres.

•             Beam: 59 metres.

•             Height: 73 metres.

•             Deadweight: 166,000 tons.

Who owns marie Maersk?

Møller family owns this ship with 69% of voting power

Where is Marie Maersk manufactured?

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) in South Korea

How long is the marie Maersk?

Its overall length is approx. 400m

Marie maersk how many containers?

18000 Containers at a time

Marie maersk vs ever given

Ever green has total length of 330m white marie maresk length is 400m

Ever green has larger storage capacity of 20000 TEU while Marie maresk has 18000 of capacity.

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