Electric school bus companies are disrupting school transportation in the United States.

Electric school bus companies are disrupting school transportation in the United States.

The massive transformation of conventional combustion vehicles to electric vehicles has urged many organizations and firms to convert their vehicles to electric vehicles. The ongoing trend of electric vehicles all around the world has very significant in many aspects.

Currently, the TESLA CEO ELON MUSK leads this campaign of converting combustion vehicles to the most compatible electric vehicle. Many factors are co-linked with this new transformation to the electric vehicle. The current “GO GREEN” slogan of the world regarding combating climate change further validates this idea of electric vehicles. The burning of fossil fuels is a massive burden on air pollution all around the world.

As world leaders are so much concerned about the effects of climate change, in these circumstances, the idea of electric vehicles is getting more and more attention. Also, the overall expenses of electric vehicles are much satisfactory in comparison with combustion vehicles. Although the purchase price of the electric vehicle is very much high, the fuel and the maintenance cost of the electric vehicles are very much low compared to conventional internal combustion vehicles.

Thomas Electric Buses

Among many firms and companies that are converting their vehicles, Thomas Built Buses is a firm that provides the school buses is trying more and more to add as many buses to the fleet of electric buses in the united states. This firm recently has celebrated its 50th electric bus delivery.

As Almost every school is planning to convert their buses to electric buses, as the new administration of the president JOE BIDEN has a unique infrastructure plan of the electric buses, and the school bus provider like Thomas built buses is claiming that they are getting many more orders of electric buses, recently they claimed that they had received their most significant demand of 326 units of electric buses from Maryland.

Technical Specifications

The TBB buses are powered by one of the renowned EV firm Proterra’s technology. Although the charging time is also one of the main concerns for electric buses, these buses can take up to 2-3 hours to charge from a DC charger.

The average maximum distance that these buses can travel in one charge is about 135 miles (217 Km).

To improve the general climate condition, health conditions and the student performance the Biden administration are planning to convert at least one-fifth of electric buses in the united states. in 2019 the study of the Georgia university researcher identifies the relationship between the lower emission and the general health and performance of the students.

As these school buses carry about 26 million students or about 55 percent of the student population, the new Biden administration is planning its best to electrify the school buses in the united states to improve the general health condition of the students.


Conclusively, every country is trying to convert their conventional internal combustion vehicle to the electric vehicle accompanying many advantages regarding climate change, general health condition, and student performance. No doubt the future of the car is the electric vehicle.

Written by:

Talha Khursheed from Karachi, Pakistan

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