PeakDo wireless hdmi – 1080P 60GHZ Millimeter Wave Wireless Display

The ability to walk around the room is a big benefit of a wireless connection. When teaching from a lightweight touchscreen device like a tablet or showing information from your phone, connecting to the display wirelessly makes the most sense. When you don’t have an adaptor to connect your device to the wired connection supplied in the room, a wireless connection is a supplementary benefit.

PeakDo wireless hdmi picture with specification

All of the issues have now been resolved. Introducing Gfaker PeakDo wireless hdmi, the world’s first and only Zero Lag, Off Wi-Fi, No App, cinema-quality screen mirroring device, ideal for large-screen gaming, video conferencing, movie viewing, and social media surfing. You may experience the simplicity of plug-and-play wireless streaming to any HDMI screen, including TVs, monitors, projectors, and more, with Gfaker PeakDo. You name anything, and we’ll connect it.

PeakDo Wireless Display Adapter/Receiver Projector

PeakDo offers the finest wireless display solution on the market. From the phone/computer/game station to the television/projector/monitor. PeakDo is a wireless HDMI adapter that operates in the same way as a cable HDMI adapter. Your device may simply be plugged in and played without the need for WIFI, software, or delay.

PeakDo was established in the year 2013. Bring cutting-edge technology into the homes of everyone. 60GHz mmWave technology has the potential to carry a large data load that exceeds 5GHz. Without any processing, 60GHz could simply transmit raw video data. Although 60GHz mmWave technology is more complex to maintain, it has a number of advantages, including increased data load and less interference.

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Application: Extend the audio/video signal from a PC/Mac/iPhone/Android/iPad to an external HDMI display, such as a monitor or projector, without the need of a cable.

Specs: 4K, 60FPS, 30ft, with a reaction time of less than 1ms.

Installation: It’s as simple as plugging it in and going. It operates in the same way as a standard HDMI connection, except it’s wireless.

60 GHz technology loads a tremendous volume of data from the signal source to the display without any processing.

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