Iphone 12 Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking

Belkin, a developer of smartphone accessories, has revealed a collection of magnetic iPhone 12 accessories. A phone mount with face tracking capability may be considered the best of the bunch.

With one-handed placement, this mount clamps securely onto the iPhone 12. An companion software recognizes your face, tracks your movements while you photograph, and connects to your social media accounts immediately.

Belkin also announced a magnetic fitness phone mount, a 2,500mAh power bank that magnetically attaches to the back of a phone, and a wireless charging pad that doubles as a power bank. Belkin has also released a portable charging pad, which is already available for $30, as well as a $35 7.5W wireless charging stand.

With a magnetic phone mount with face recognition tracking1 that rotates 360 degrees and shoots from any angle, you may move around while creating videos. Magnetic technology is built-in to this product.


iOS App that goes with it

Face Tracking Mount for iOS communicates to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Insta, TikTok, YouTube, and others, and utilises face recognition1 to follow your face while you’re filming videos. On the App Store, you may download the app.

Rotation in 360 degrees

Nothing is ever missed because the stand auto-tracks your face with 360-degree circular coverage.

Magnetic Alignment to Perfection

Magnetically clasp your iPhone 12 into position for quick, one-handed setup that always aligns exactly.

The maximum distance that can be taken using face tracking with the iPhone 12 phone mount is unknown, and the capability is only available through Belkin’s app. As a result, face-tracking support will not be available in third-party apps.

Because it is aimed towards iPhone 12 owners, this product is quite niche. It also requires a companion app in order for it to recognize your face and control the gadget.

Some of the fascinating items are now available for purchase at reasonable prices, while others will be accessible soon. When it launches, the iPhone 12 phone mount with facial tracking will cost $65 and can swivel a complete 360 degrees while tracking the face. This allows the user to take images from all angles, in either landscape or portrait mode.

Some of the similar older products from Belkin have good reviews and feedback from users on amazon, you can read feedback using these links:

Few other key features:

Magnetic attachment for accurate, one-handed installation Face-tracking mount tracks your movements while recording video content

App linkages to social media apps are provided as an add-on.

With 360-degree rotation and various angles, you have a lot of options.

Whether you’re shooting in landscape or portrait mode, it’s up to you.

3 AA batteries are required, which are not provided.

Official MagSafe cases are compatible.

This item does not provide power to your phone.

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