Dubai museum spacecraft landing

Dubai museum spacecraft landing is Real or CGI?

Dubai Museum spacecraft landing: is it real or CGI? The Museum of the Future dubbed the “most beautiful building on the planet,” has demonstrated why it is the face of the future. There was a flying object seen flying that looked like a spacecraft, and it landed inside the museum after it`s top roof opened. There was a small 30-second clip that is shared by the Dubai Media office.

The video is shared of official channel and website here, but something seems fishy as many people are claiming it is just a CGI not a real, this seems odd as the gate opens in unrealistic speed (little fast) while spacecraft lands. But more news to come in future that will confirm if it is real or not. Yet we can not say that, but let`s say odds are this shared video is fake, and something similar will be revealed in coming exhibition.

Coming from Sheikh Zayed Road, the airborne craft approaches the futuristic building, which opens its façade – a scene out of a science fiction film – and the object descends to a successful landing.

On social media, users have shared their own opinion of the viral video.

The museum will host five separate exhibitions that will study the future of space travel and living, climate change and ecology, health, wellness, and spirituality, among other topics, in order to answer many concerns regarding humanity’s future and life on Earth and in space.

The Museum of the Future will also function as an incubator and accelerator for Arab and international talent.

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