Windows 11 leaks show redesigned user interface, start menu, and more

Rumors or real, Windows’ future version has been leaked

The new Windows 11 users and Start Menus appear much like the Windows 10X user experience. Before abandoning this project for Windows 11, Microsoft had simplified Windows for multi-screen devices. Visually, you can find the greatest changes on the taskbar. The app icons have been positioned here, the tank area was cleaned up and the starting button and menu were inserted.

Sadly, significant upgrades to the Windows store still do not appear. Because this is an early leaked version, Microsoft will probably not show up on any upgrades that you are planning.

The leak came in China via Baidu, and the exactness of the imagery remains unknown. The storey was denied by Microsoft to comment.

The next operating system of Microsoft Windows 11 was leaked online today. The whole Windows 11 OS, complete with a new user interface, Start menu, and much else, surfaced after pictures were initially released on the Baidu Chinese website

Since this version of Windows 11 obviously comes extremely early, the widgets are not loaded completely into the OS but are meant to quickly divert and access news, weather and other online contents.

This revised Start menu is a simpler version sans Live Tiles of what is currently available in Windows 10. The programmes are pinned, recent files and Windows 11 devices are instantly shut down or reset. It is a lot simpler than what is currently available in Windows 10.

You may shift them away from the left if you don’t want the app icons or the Start menu centre. In combination with the dark theme, Windows 11 seems like a more sophisticated version of Windows 10 than anything new.

Microsoft is allegedly reviewing its Windows app store to allow developers, including browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, to submit any Windows programme. Microsoft may also want to enable third-party commercial platforms in applications that generally allow developers to avoid cutting Microsoft from buying systems in the app.

The newest Windows 10 operating system released by Microsoft last month, the upgrade to Windows 10 May 2021, the 21H1 edition, but the firm will be launching “the next Windows generation” on a virtual event on June 24, next week.

Microsoft has dropped indications that Windows 11 is ready to start. A unique Windows event is held by software giant to reveal its new operating system on 24 June. The event begins at 11AM ET, and the invitation to the event contains a window that provides a shadow with the 11th outline. For months, Microsoft officials also tinkered with the “Windows Next Generation” announcement; this leak now indicates that Windows 11 will be formally disclosed later this month.

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