Are Sony LinkBuds worth buying??

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Are Sony LinkBuds worth buying? “SONY” is a company famous across the world for technological equipment e.g. TVs , camera’s, mobile phones and many more varieties. Sony was composed by two  Japanese man which are Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in 1946. Sony has the competency to achieve the needed of the people and amend the technology around our environment. The Sony company has been at the cutting edge of technology for more than 50 years and they have impacted the environment around us positively

Sony LinkBuds

Sony has recently launched its incipient Linkbuds in 2022. They are pair of truly open-in-air headphones sanctioning you for conversation and being aware of your surroundings simultaneously. They are your impeccable partner wherever you go. They have been released for 199.99 $.

Sony Linkbuds
Sony Linkbuds

Well, the question is Sony air buds are worth buying for this premium price or not.

Are Sony LinkBuds worth buying??

You can pick up these link buds in only two colors either white or black nothing too exhilarating and the design is very unique. Inside a box you can get a case with pods, type A to C charging cable, a user manual and some additional air hooks. Another cool thing about is that the entire package is made of recycled material. The best thing to acknowledge is that they are very light when you lodged in your lug holes so your ears do not get tired and are 4.5 grams each.

They also got flexible armpits that muscles up against your ear and hold them in place and come in five different sizes so you can adjust them according to your ear. They have 5.2 Bluetooth connectivity and connect fastly with android and take just few seconds to rehabilitate connection. It has an open-air design with a hole inside so you can be aware of what’s happening in the surrounding and can be beneficial in offices, public places etc as well as audio at the same time.

They don’t have typically sealed experience that others do have, Moreover, they are sweat resistant.

Key Features & Price Worldwide

Using the Sony app, you can connect them pretty quickly. The app shows you good information about the product, like the battery percentage, model number, and you can also adjust the custom audio profile.

They have been released for 199.99 $.

You can turn on and off the linkbuds by even not tapping but just bring your finger in fount of the sensor on link buds twice so they turn off and on. A full charge can give you estimate five hours audio play back or two hours phone call, if the charge ends put then back in case for ten minutes and they give 90 minutes of backup. They are not for somebody that likes a punchy base or loud volumes but defiantly good for somebody who is working inside the house or in the office.

Sony Linkbuds

If you opt to be in your own world, they are not good for you but if you are in the workplace, they can play a good role by keeping you connected with the world.

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