Rules of Battlebots Explained

A Deep Dive into the Rules

Hey there, fellow battlebot enthusiasts! Whether you’re a seasoned fan trying to enlighten a newbie or you’re the newcomer yourself, puzzled about the absence of tanks and bombs in the battlebot arena, this blog post is your go-to guide. So, bookmark it for future reference!

I’m Fa had from Robotube, and today we’re delving into the intricate rules that govern the thrilling world of BattleBots.

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight – “BattleBots” is not just a generic term; it’s the name of a TV show that falls under the umbrella of combat robotics. Combat robotics, in essence, involves builders crafting remote-controlled bots that engage in battles following specific rules. These battles are not limited to BattleBots; they happen worldwide in various combat robotics events.

Now, focusing on BattleBots, teams are handpicked by the management, and these engineers design, build, and control combat robots to showcase their creativity, engineering prowess, and, of course, to vie for victory.

Now, before you get all technical and start picturing robots a la Terminator, let’s clarify that these are technically not robots but rather drones, controlled by humans. The weight limit for these mechanical marvels in BattleBots is 250 pounds or approximately 110 kilograms.

Here’s a quick rundown of some key rules:

  1. Your bot must move, obviously.
  2. It must have a reliable remote control.
  3. Any weapon goes – be it a flipper, pounder, grabber, or something out of the ordinary.
  4. Multi-bots (divided robots) are allowed if they stay under the weight limit.
  5. It should fit inside the door of the BattleBots arena – yes, that’s a rule too!
  6. A master switch is mandatory to turn the robot on or off.
  7. There’s a maximum voltage limit.
  8. Uranium is a no-go, but flames are allowed.
  9. Explosive projectiles? Sorry, no tanks.
  10. There’s even a limit on weapon spinning speed.
  11. Hydraulics and engines are fair game.
  12. And after all the formal stuff, remember, BattleBots can and will change the rules in the future.

Now, let’s talk about how the matches unfold:

If you’ve witnessed at least one BattleBot match, you know the drill. Two robots start from opposite corners in a 48×48 foot arena, and the match lasts for a total of 3 minutes. The goal is simple – knock out your opponent UFC-style. If a robot can’t move at all before the 3 minutes are up, it’s a knockout. Note, though, that even if a robot is crab walking or moving on one tire, it’s still considered active.

If, after 3 minutes, both robots are still active with no knockout, the winner is decided based on scorecards prepared by three judges. The scoring criteria include damage, control, and aggression. Teams can appeal the judges’ decisions once per tournament.

And that’s a wrap on the rules governing these mechanical gladiators in BattleBots. If you’re still a bit fuzzy, check out the detailed rulebook in the video description.

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