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Wifi Router Powerbanks or UPS, An easy way to power your router or modem during load shedding By Archon Mart

Wifi Router Powerbanks By Archon Mart: You may have heard about Wifi Router Backup power supplies, or powerbanks & that is why you are here by Archon Mart.
Well, they are pretty simple to make and easy to use. This article will cover everything from how they are made, how to use them and where to buy these power banks in Pakistan.

What is Wifi Powerbank?

For starters, a wifi power bank is a device that powers your router if the main supply of electrcity is off due to load shedding or any other here we will talk about Wifi Router Powerbanks By Archon Mart.

How are they made?

To power your Wifi Router, all you need is a DC supply, usually provided with a charging adaptor. So to add an alternative you have to make a DC battery.

Note that this guide is provided by Archon Mart Pakistan.

Now there are different types of routers with different voltages, we cannot define each router as there are 1000s of different types of routers but we can defiantly categorize them easily. There are 3 main types of routers.

  1. 5V
  2. 9V
  3. 12V

So if your router is 5V (5 volts) that means you need to make a 5V battery, if your router is 9V then 9V battery and if your router is 12V then a 12V battery will be used.

In order to make a battery, you can use Li cells or dry batteries. Dry batteries are heavy, and not so efficient if purchased new can be an expensive solution.

So the wifi powerbanks are mostly made of Li cells, these Li cells can easily be found in laptop old battries, hoverboard battries, E bike battries, can be purchased from Ebay and many other sources. One Li cell is 3.7V in normal condition, 4.2V on full charge and 3.2V when discharged.

So we cannot build an exact 5V supply by using Li batteries, but routers can be powered by similar voltages because they have built in voltage regulators.

This Explains how you can build all 3 types of powerbanks.

To make a 5V power bank you need a single Li cell.

To make 9V Powerbank you need at least 2 Li cells connected in Series.

To make 12V powerbank you need 3 Li cells conncted in the Series.

Wifi Router PowerbanksBy Archon Mart 
 Li cells

So after connecting all of them in series as per your voltages, you have voltage output that can power your router. But to take that output you need an output pin, so there are usually 2 types of pins for routers, mostly 1.7 mm or 3 mm Pins. Both can be used as per the requirement to take that output.

All of the above was simple and easy for any tech guy to build. But the most tricky part is charging. As you already have your router`s charger, it can be used to charge the same power bank. But Li cell can be dangerous if directly charged, so you need an overcharge protection circuit defiantly.

Archon Mart uses best quality BMS circuits to ensure the safety and reliability of the powerbank.

Wifi Router Powerbanks By Archon Mart. cells diagram.

There are a lot of Balanced charging Overcharge protection circuits for Li cells depending on the number of cells with different Ampere ratings. You can use any of them with proper configuration and connect it with the same DC jack as your adaptor pin have and you are ready to go with a complete powerbank.

Where to buy Wifi Router Powerbanks By Archon Mart?

If you want to buy these powerbanks in Pakistan, Archon mart is a reliable source selling these powerbanks since 2017. Here are a few links where you can purchase their powerbanks from:

or contact : +92 309 2073780 on Whatsapp for further details.

Wifi Router Powerbanks By Archon Mart with prices and details.

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